Martes, Pebrero 18, 2014

It Takes A Man and a Woman tops local films of 2013

1. It Takes A Man And A Woman
P375,024,507 (Star Cinema & Viva Films)

2. Four Sisters and a Wedding
P145,029,261 (Star Cinema)

3. She's The One
P138,564,167 (Star Cinema)

4. Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?
P102,368,727 (Star Cinema)

5. Bromance: My Brother's Romance
P73,848,739 (Skylight Films & Star Cinema)

6. A Moment In Time
P64,543,391 (Star Cinema)

7. Call Center Girl
P61,847,422 (Star Cinema & Skylight Films)

8. Must Be... Love
P60,740,463 (Star Cinema)

9. Momzillas
P55,266,151 (Star Cinema & Viva Films)

10. When The Love Is Gone
P37,412,869 (Viva Films & MVP Pictures)

11. Kung Fu Divas
P32,772,204 (Reality Entertainment, The O&Co. Picture Factory, & Star Cinema)

12. Status: It's Complicated
P25,343,842 (Regal Films)

13. Tuhog
P24,687,124 (Skylight Films & Star Cinema)

14. My Lady Boss
P19,452,412 (GMA Films & Regal Films)

15. On The Job
P13,459,037 (Reality Entertainment & Star Cinema)

16. The Bride and The Lover
P10,396,904 (Regal Films)

17. Seduction
P6,588,924 (Regal Films)

18. Raketeros
P4,616,940 (Heaven's Best Entertainment & Star Cinema)

19. Alagwa (Breakaway)
P1,896,577 (Anakim Media Productions & Star Cinema)

20. Sapi
P1,333,148 (Centerstage Productions & Solar Films)

Films with no official gross are the ff:
-Menor de Edad (Viva Films & Crown Seven)
-The Fighting chefs (Ricketts Productions & Viva Films)
-Coming Soon (Fearless Productions, Brownsugar Entertainment, Stage91 Co., & Viva Films)
-Juana Change The Movie (Laganap Productions, Origin8Media, & Solar Films)
-Dance of the Steelbars (Portfolio Films & GMA Films)
-Ang Huling Henya (Viva Films, MVP Pictures, Simple Truth Productions)
-Ekstra (Cinemalaya, Quantum Films, & Star Cinema)
-Bekikang (Viva Films)