Miyerkules, Hulyo 16, 2014

GMA Films' Overtime flops in the box office!

Overtime is a suspense thriller film produced by GMA Films. The film premiered on July 2, 2014 and grossed P997,452 in two weeks. The film starred Richard Gutierrez and Lauren Young, and directed by Earl Ignacio and Wincy Ong.

Overtime revolves around the lives of a hacker and its victim. Richard portrays the role of Dom Garcia, the hacker who seeks revenge against a pharmaceutical company. Lauren plays the role of Jody Amistoso, the executive assistant working at the pharmaceutical company and the one who was sent by Richard's character on a deadly mission: to wear a bomb to a press conference. Thus, a deadly game between the two transpires as the bomb ticks down to zero.

Here are the local films distributed this year with gross as of July 13, 2014:

-Starting Over Again - P410,188,028 (Star Cinema)
-Bride For Rent - P326,958,425 (Star Cinema)
-Maybe This Time - P134,638,610 (Star Cinema & Viva Films)
-Da Possessed - P122,698,866 (Star Cinema & Regal Films)
-Diary Ng Panget - P119,534,657 (Viva Films)
-My Illegal Wife - P53,698,241 (Skylight Films & Star Cinema)
-So It's You - P25,513,397 (Regal Films)
-ABNKKBSNPLAko?! The Movie - P16,998,684 (Viva Films)
-Third Eye - P10,160,557 (Regal Films)
-Sa Ngalan Ng Ama, Ina At Mga Anak - P1,249,062 (RCP Productions & Star Cinema)
-Overtime - P997,452 (GMA Films)
-Basement - P698,750 (Coffee House Productions, Springboard Film Productions, Reality Entertainment, & GMA Films)
-Mumbai Love: The Movie - P492,047 (Capestone Pictures & Solar Films)