Miyerkules, Agosto 14, 2013

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters grosses P78.2 million on opening weekend

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is an American fantasy-adventure film based on the Rick Riordan novel of the same name. It is a sequel to the 2010 film Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and continues the adventures of Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) and his friends, as they search for the Golden Fleece at the titular Sea of Monsters to save an ailing magical tree that protects their home from foes.
The film premiered in Philippine cinemas on August 7, 2013 and emerged on high seas when it docked no. 1 in the Phils.’ box-office arena on its opening weekend (August 7-11) with a total of P 78.2 million nationwide in almost 200 screens (in 2D and 3D) nationwide.

Here is the Philippines weekend box office chart in the period of August 7-11, 2013:
The opening weekend figure nails Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters as the Second Biggest Opening Weekend for a Fox film to open this year, next to the recently released blockbuster The Wolverine. Among all other foreign films and one local film playing on the same week, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters grabbed the greater chunk of the overall market share at 51%. Reaching a broader market base this time, the latest "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters'" box-office sees a 126% increase over the previously released Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief movie.

In addition to the latest wave of adventure and spectacular visual effects seen in the movie, its strong opening is also attributed to a solid throng of followers of the book series (authored by Rick Riordan) where the movie is based and to the unstoppable growth of Logan Lerman’s popularity locally.

The movie’s opening weekend admissions also totaled to a splashy catch of 443,702 nationwide from all screens where SM Mall of Asia took the lead with a box-office gross P 3.8 million, followed by SM North Edsa with P 3.45 million.  Trinoma tightly followed at 3rd spot with P3.41 million, SM Megamall is at 4th with P2.4 million and Greenbelt3 sums up as top 5th cinema earner with P 2.174 million.

Completing the top cinema earners of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters are Newport (P 2.170M); Glorietta4 (P 2.12M); Alabang Town Center (P2.04M); TheatreMall (P 1.81M); SM Cebu (P1.749M); Gateway Cineplex/AliMall (P1.746M); Powerplant (P 1.59M); Eastwood (P 1.6M); Shang Cineplex (P 1.33M); Ayala Cebu (P1.3M); Gaisano Davao (P1.2M); Market!Market! (P1.175M); SM Southmall (P1.16); SM Baguio (P1.1M) and SM Fairview (P1.08M).

Meanwhile, Iron Man 3 remained on top of the list of highest grossing films in 2013. It Takes A Man and A Woman topped local films. (figures as of August 11)

And here's the complete list:
Rank-Movie Title-Gross-Distributor
1. Iron Man 3 - P631,483,115 (Disney)
2. Man of Steel - P388,431,062 (Warner Bros.)
3. It Takes A Man And A Woman - P375,024,507 (Star Cinema & Viva Films)
4. Fast & Furious 6 - P258,651,734 (United International Pictures)
5. Despicable Me 2 - P231,280,933 (United International Pictures)
6. World War Z - P208,170,811 (United International Pictures)
7. G.I. Joe: Retaliation - P187,478,602 (United International Pictures)
8. The Wolverine - P168,591,137 (Fox)
9. Pacific Rim - P163,254,603 (Warner Bros.)
10. Four Sisters and a Wedding - P145,029,261 (Star Cinema)
11. Jack the Giant Slayer - P129,932,486 (Warner Bros.)
12. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters - P111,934,175 (United International Pictures)   
13. Chinese Zodiac - P96,038,063 (Star Cinema)
14. Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? - P92,660,296 (Star Cinema)
15. Oz The Great and Powerful - P88,339,731 (Disney)
16. A Good Day to Die Hard - P86,902,819 (Fox)
17. Life of Pi - P84,310,351 (Fox)
18. After Earth - P82,787,536 (Sony)
19. Les Miserables - P79,180,761 (United International Pictures)
20. Monsters University - P79,113,678 (Disney)
21. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - P78,152,539 (Fox)
22. The Croods - P76,296,815 (United International Pictures)
23. Oblivion - P75,078,028 (United International Pictures)
24. Bromance: My Brother's Romance - P73,848,739 (Star Cinema)
25. A Moment In Time - P64,543,391 (Star Cinema)
26. Epic - P64,123,447 (Fox)
27. Star Trek Into Darkness - P61,194,767 (United International Pictures)
28. Must Be... Love - P60,740,463 (Star Cinema)
29. White House Down - P58,714,168 (Sony) 
30. The Hangover Part III - P51,006,484 (Warner Bros.)
31. Turbo - P40,085,943 (Fox)
32. Warm Bodies - P39,564,149 (Pioneer)
33. Beautiful Creatures - P27,754,163 (Pioneer)
34. Jack Reacher - P27,730,933 (United International Pictures)
35. The Lone Ranger - P27,283,446 (Disney)
36. The Smurfs 2 - P26,547,145 (Sony)
37. Tuhog - P24,687,124 (Star Cinema)
38. The Host - P20,125,501 (Viva International)
39. My Lady Boss - P19,452,412 (GMA Films & Regal Films)
40. Now You See Me - P18,807,636 (Pioneer)
41. Olympus Has Fallen - P18,003,831 (Viva International)
42. The Great Gatsby - P16,538,590 (Warner Bros.)
43. Red 2 - P15,953,245 (Pioneer)
44. Grown Ups 2 - P13,396,483 (Sony)
45. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - P13,185,593 (Warner Bros.)
46. Zero Dark Thirty - P12,836,081 (Pioneer)
47. The Last Stand - P12,292,266 (Pioneer)
48. The Last Exorcism Part II - P11,538,202 (Pioneer)
49. Mama - P11,295,101 (United International Pictures)
50. The Bride and the Lover - P10,396,904 (Regal Films)
51. Parker - P10,316,397 (Viva International)
52. Scary Movie 5 - P10,240,190 (Viva International)
53. Safe Haven - P8,281,738 (Pioneer)
54. The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia - P8,257,242 (Pioneer)
55. The Heat - P7,939,454 (Fox)
56. Silver Linings Playbook - P7,921,904 (Pioneer)
57. Gangster Squad - P7,918,800 (United International Pictures)
58. The Purge - PP7,824,457 (United International Pictures)
59. Apartment 1303 - P7,685,782 (Viva International)
60. Red Dawn - P7,595,031 (Viva International)
61. Bullet to the Head - P7,308,178 (Disney)
62. Flight - P7,133,572 (United International Pictures)
63. Lincoln - P7,070,553 (Fox)
64. A Haunted House - P6,615,520 (Viva International)
65. Seduction - P6,588,924 (Regal Films)
66. Evil Dead - P6,216,095 (Sony)
67. Stoker - P6,008,569 (Fox)
68. The Impossible - P5,953,274 (Pioneer)
69. Trance - P5,843,075 (Fox)
70. One Piece Film Z - P5,820,632 (Pioneer)
71. Django Unchained - P5,588,097 (Sony)
72. Dark Skies - P5,373,273 (Viva International)
73. Odd Thomas - P5,071,367 (Pioneer)
74. Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie - P5,068,627 (Pioneer)
75. Identity Thief - P4,989,521 (United International Pictures)
76. Raketeros - P4,616,940 (star Cinema)
77. Man of Tai Chi - P4,390,429 (United International Pictures)
78. Parental Guidance - P4,056,969 (Fox)
79. Upside Down - P4,001,262 (Pioneer)
80. Jurassic Park (3D) - P3,596,804 (United International Pictures)
81. The Man with the Iron Fists - P3,242,080 (United International Pictures)
82. Gekijouban Hunter × Hunter - P3,076,727 (Pioneer)
83. The Big Wedding - P2,963,031 (Pioneer)
84. Emergo (Apartment 143) - P2,669,959 (Pioneer)
85. 21 and Over - P2,416,012 (Viva International)
86. Snitch - P1,931,794 (Pioneer)
87. Redemption (Hummingbird) - P1,811,796 (Viva International)
88. Before Midnight - P1,783,052 (Starcom)
89. Grave Encounters - P1,765,809 (Pioneer)
90. Vamps - P1,695,802 (Anchor Bay Films)
91. Dead Man Down - P1,641,192 (Viva International)
92. Broken City - P1,485,515 (Viva International)
93. The Call - P1,460,696 (Captive Cinema)
94. Spiders - P1,441,455 (Viva International)
95. So Undercover - P1,118,604 (Pioneer)
96. Movie 43 - P915,092 (Pioneer)
97. Savages - P879,135 (United International Pictures)
98. Cirque du Soleil: Delirium - P865,274 (United International Pictures)
99. Intersections - P781,136 (Viva International)
100. Side Effects - P587,934 (Viva International)
101. Hitchcock - P539,865 (Fox)
102. The Numbers Station - P490,650 (Captive Cinema)
103. Gambit - P468,748 (Viva International)
104. Anna Karenina - P474,179 (United International Pictures)
105. Chasing Mavericks - P469,096 (Pioneer)
106. At Any Price - P247,441 (Captive Cinema)