Miyerkules, Enero 16, 2013

Morning show Two Wives ends with 10.5% rating!

     Two Wives is a South Korean family drama series shown here in the Philippines via ABS-CBN's morning block. It stars Kim Ji Young, Son Tae Young, Kim Ho Jin, and Kang Ji Sub.

The series was a part of the Wife Trilogy of SBS: Temptation of Wife and Wife Returns are the other 2.

Two Wives started out strong beating all its rivals. But rival network was able to upset the asianovela and pitted against different anime shows.

The series ended on January 11, 2013 and posted a smooth 10.5% rating nationwide. Despite of a strong anime lineup of GMA Network, the show was able to beat its rivals Bleach (10.2%) and Detective Conan (9.4%).

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